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Rainforest Project: "1 Bikini or Swimsuit saves 1 m² of Rainforest"


We are proud to present the new and international MARYAN MEHLHORN Rainforest Project::

1 Bikini or Swimsuit saves 1 m² of Rainforest!

The Rainforest “Misiones”, the area that MARYAN MEHLHORN helps to protect, is located in Misiones Province of Argentina. This Atlantic Forest also Extends into Brazil, and Paraguay. It covers only about 1% of Argentina but is the most diverse ecoregion in the country (home to 116 mammal species, 548 bird species, 124 amphibian species and 222 fish species).

The Atlantic Forest in Misiones originally covered about 25,700km2 (6,350,470 acres or 2,570,000 ha), but estimates suggest this has been reduced to about 16,000km2. Time for us to act!

Together with our partners “World Land Trust” and “Sensitiv fabrics®” we actively help to protect the Rainforest in Argentina as well as to avoid Forest Clearance.

We look forward to your support!!!